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    [Note: Our Award Program has been suspended until further notice. For an explanation, please Click Here.]

    If you have a site that adds an enlightened presence to the Web, apply for our award!

    Although design is essential to any good site, we judge applicants on a "feel good" content rather than on strict HTML coding, etc.

    For an idea of what we are looking for, check out our Winners' pages.

    Before applying, though, please read the CRITERIA:

    Red Pulse Button All applying sites must have at least one page displaying awards won.

    Red Pulse Button You must be at least 14 years old to apply, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Act (C.O.P.P.A.), effective April 21, 2000.

    Red Pulse Button Your site must be family friendly. No adult sites will be considered.

    Red Pulse Button Your site must be child-safe.

    Red Pulse Button Your site must have content, not just a list of links.

    Red Pulse Button Spelling and grammar (sentence structure) are very important in evaluating your site.

    Red Pulse Button Your site must be easy to navigate. Your visitors shouldn't "get lost."

    Red Pulse Button Your site, including all graphics, must load properly; and within a reasonable length of time.

    Red Pulse Button No "Under Construction" signs, please. (Well-done sites are always under construction. There is no need to advertise it.)

    Red Pulse Button All internal links must work. Non-working external links will be forgiven unless extensive. (Please check any links to other sites before applying.)

    Red Pulse Button Your site must be in English, or have an English translation. And, please, no text like this: iT Is VeRy AnNoYiNg.

    Red Pulse Button Both personal and commercial/business sites may apply.

    Red Pulse Button "Dark" sites (i.e. hate, racial, Satinist, or sites that disparage others) will not be considered.

Good Luck!

     [Note: The Verification Code is necessary to prevent people who use computer robots as a spam emailing system. Our computer will check what you wrote against a preselected code. If they match, the submit button is enabled. If not, it is disabled.]

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